6-Cubic Yard Steel Front End Load Containers (FELs)

6-Cubic Yard Steel Front End Load Containers (FELs)

DFW Container Service FELs are engineered using heavy gauge steel to withstand the stress of continued use, year in and year out. They feature 12-gauge sides and 10-gauge bottoms, high density polyethylene lids and fully welded in-seams. We also offer heavy duty models with 10-gauge sides and 7-gauge bottoms. Containers are primed inside and outside to reduce corrosion. DFW Container Service containers meet ANSI safety specifications and dimensional standards for haulers.

  • Rounded bumper pads help prevent damage to the front of the container
  • Floor channels are capped at both ends to prevent debris from getting inside and extend up the front and back walls to create extra support
  • Fully welded no-step gusset across the top of the fork pocket provides added safety and support
  • Top edges are rounded and smooth for added safety during customer loading
  • Interlocking top channel frame provides added strength
  • Primed inside and outside to reduce corrosion
  • Painted in one of several standard colors
  • Nestable 2, 3 & 4 yard containers reduces shipping costs and required storage space
Fork pockets
  • 3-way flared fork pockets protect from damage by the truck’s forks and easily guides forks into the pockets
  • Taco gussets welded to the bottom of the fork pockets help extend pocket life by providing added strength to the bottom of the pockets
  • Fully welded pockets at critical stress points reduce fork damage and ensure long service life

Flat, slant, hatchback and nestable

  • Single wall, double lip lids ensure durability
  • Optional lids upon request
  • Dumping pins
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