Grease Container / Grease Handling Dumpster Bins

Grease Container / Grease Handling Dumpster Bins

DFW Container Service grease containers provide safe, simple storage of used food grease. They’re easy to empty, and feature a patent-pending grease vault lid that’s easy to assemble, fits most grease containers, and has a shielded dumping lock system to deter grease theft.  Available in multiple capacities with modular options of lid and grate styles.

  • Lid is designed for security: Lid plates interlock, leaving no edges to pry open.  Shields are added to lock and security bar and grate is heavy-duty
  • Tapered, nestable design helps reduce shipping costs and makes storage easier
  • Lid is simple to remove, making it easy to empty by vacuuming or dumping
  • No welding or tools required for attaching lid to container body
  • The grease vault lid and grate system can be retrofitted on most existing grease containers
  • Shielded dumping lock and lock system deter theft
  • Lip overhang prevents spills
  • Containers thoroughly tested for leakage

Assembly of the grease vault lid takes no more than 15 seconds, and requires no tools.

  1. Slide the two plates together to align holes
  2. Attach grate
  3. Slide in secure bar
  • Bottom rails designed to keep container off ground
  • Container dollys for simple maneuvering
  • Heat tubes
  • Dumping pins
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